Elect a Political Outsider

Peter doesn't owe millions in political favors to past campaign donors. The People First Campaign represents everyday New Mexicans because it's built around regular people making small donations. Instead of racing to the bottom, join Peter in moving New Mexico from worst to first.

Download Peter D’s one sheet one why he would be a great governor.

Under current politicians, New Mexico has bottomed out. And instead of taking any responsibility for how bad things are, most elected officials blame “the other party” for our problems, acting like they weren’t in office when bad policies were enacted. Worse yet, big name politicians have run attack ads badmouthing other candidates to divert attention away from how their own policies that have kept New Mexico last for so long. Their campaign tactics are a big reason there is so much spite and bitterness stalemating good legislative policies.

Dr. Peter DeBenedittis has worked for 20 years teaching New Mexico youth about the false advertising used to promote alcohol and tobacco addiction. He has spent the last 2 years volunteering his time to educate and lobby for increased alcohol taxes that will save lives and lower taxes for the 80% of New Mexicans who don’t drink or drink responsibly.

Peter was born in Newark, NJ on August 13, 1958. He grew up in Northglenn, CO, having been voted “most likely to succeed” by the 1976 graduating class of Northglenn High School. He graduated cum laude with a degree in Communications from DePauw University in Greencastle, IN in 1980. He received a Masters and Ph.D. from Penn State (1982 & 1992) in Speech-Communication, earning summa cum laude honors during his doctoral course work.

Peter moved to Santa Fe in 1995 and has lived in New Mexico ever since. He founded Peter D. & Company in 1999, which has provided education and drug prevention services to schools, counties and state agencies across New Mexico. Peter has spoken to tens of thousands of New Mexico youth about how tobacco and alcohol advertising sells addictive and destructive lifestyles. He’s the author of the Alcohol Literacy Challenge™, a ground-breaking alcohol prevention curriculum that reduces underage and binge drinking in a single session.

Don’t think that’s possible? Watch this short video to see students at UNM get drunk on non-alcoholic beer. Once youth understand that 90% of the good effects they attribute to alcohol are placebo effects created by their own beliefs, they naturally begin to drink less.

Want to see Peter’s tax returns? Click here to download a pdf of Dr. DeBenedittis’ 2016 tax returns.

Peter’s fiancée, Tracy Juechter, will be an integral part of his administration as Governor. Peter has been in a 10 year relationship with Tracy and is looking forward to being married soon.

By 1st grade, Tracy was already speaking up about the problem of littering in her hometown. Tracy’s mother, a college professor, got her involved in activism at age 11, by having a peace vigil every Sunday during the Vietnam War. Her father, a top gun in the air force, and later a CEO of many companies, also contributed to her drive.


As a teen, Tracy volunteered on Pete Seeger’s Sloop, the Clearwater, educating passengers about pollution’s effect on rivers. She holds a BA from the University of Michigan in French, video production, and visual arts. She also holds a BFA in Theater from the College of Santa Fe and an MA in Counseling from the College of Santa Fe. Her international and cultural education is very hands on, having traveled through 12 different countries and speaking French and Spanish. She has 2 children, now grown, and was on the PTA at their schools, tutored in Spanish, and was an assistant coach for their sports teams.

Tracy has had a varied work life including video production, writing computer training programs for sales and management skills, a non-violent communications trainer, real estate, massage therapy, and school counseling. She loves that her fiancé Peter shares her passion for personal growth, practical solutions, and honoring all people who share this wonderful planet. Tracy also loves being treated as an equal partner on Peter’s journey to becoming Governor and looks forward to serving New Mexico.