Heal the Hatred Poisoning Politics

Corrupt selfish interests use the media to create division by inflaming people over unimportant issues they know we’ll take sides on. We then bicker over table scraps without noticing how they’re robbing us blind and grabbing more power over our lives. We can fix this in 3 simple steps:


We’re neighbors, not enemies. Let’s hear what really matters to people without criticizing to protect our own egos.

Be Real

Get honest about how what we hear makes us feel, rather than rush to argue and justify why our personal point of view is right and theirs is wrong. Honestly feeling something can transform you.


The pain of partisanship, name-calling, and violence towards those we disagree with has become unbearable. To “love thy neighbor as thyself” is crucial in everyday life and in politics, not just in church on Sundays.

Peter promises that his administration won’t tackle any wedge issues dividing our state until there’s trust built up and the healing of hatred has begun. There’s been a lot of damage done by service-to-selfishness politicians who have promoted wedge issues. They’ve caused government gridlocks and blinded many of us with so much anger that we’ve lost sight of how much civility and neighborliness matter in creating prosperous communities and happier, healthy lives.

To start healing the hatred, as Governor, Peter is going to personally join volunteers and local media outlets around the state in forums where people are taught a brief lesson on how to listen authentically, and then be able to share their beliefs without judgment or criticism. It will be incredibly healing for people to speak in a public forum; to be heard about their experience and what they want to change without having to defend their right to speak.