You did it!

Feb 6, 2018 – Peter D, along with an enthusiastic group of our amazing supporters, delivered a large stack of signatures to the Secretary of State’s Office in Santa Fe—in fact, more than twice as many signatures needed to ensure his place on the Democratic gubernatorial primary ballot!

This is all because of YOU. As the only campaign for governor that doesn’t take corporate money, the vast majority of these thousands of signatures weren’t gathered by paid workers – but by ordinary New Mexicans giving up their spare time to (often!) stand in the cold talking to strangers. We are so grateful. This is truly a people-powered campaign.

Our team is supported by an incredible group of volunteers and donors who are too numerous to mention by name. We are in awe of your efforts and know that we could not do this without you.

With a huge amount of gratitude,
Peter, Rusty, Jennifer, Rick, Mitch, John, Tracy & the whole People First Team